Note from an Exile

Moving to Abilene, Texas was not part of my five-year plan! Still, here I am, and I’m ready to make the best of the year or so that I’ll be here.

I found a decent piece of property to rent, with plenty of room for all the animals, a lovely porch where I can watch the sunrise with my morning coffee, and the space and peace I need while I write. Let’s not talk about the interior of the house or its previous occupants (rats!!) that were unwilling to vacate the premises. It’s slowly becoming more livable and kind of cute. And on the plus side, it’s a great place for Sprout while he’s still in his Destruct-o-Rama Kitten phase. There’s not much he can do to damage this place 🙂

When I signed up for internet service, I had to give my Wi-Fi a name. I chose the Writer’s Barn because it seems to fit the unsophisticated vibe of my temporary home, as well as its intended purpose. Nothing fancy, but a great place to write.

I recently wrote a blog for Bold Strokes about my new book Set the Stage (, in which I talk about my dream job of acting in the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. And on the “Books and Stories” page on this site, I mention several other dream jobs. Truth is, though, I really have the career of my dreams. Writing, like reading, gives me the chance to explore every path I didn’t take. That makes this the best job of all.